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The Sthlm Leak – Motion picture


Film title: The Stockholm Leak
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Moses Shahrivar
Screenwriter: Filip Benko
Producer: Nore Rinnesjö Eckerberg

Status: Pre-production
Release year: 2017
Distribution: Contact us if you are a distributor
Production company: Sthlm Art production AB

The storyline highlights: The environment, the big brother society, the status of women.
The storyline:
Eviona(25) smart, beautiful and fresh out from London School of Journalism starts working on a big newspaper in Sweden. One day she starts to receive leaks from a whistleblower deep inside the government with his own agenda.

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Moses has been filming his whole life and documenting everything he has done since the age of 19 (year 2003) until present time. You will be able to watch all the different stages in his life, from working with fashion to creating art and film. The video blog is an art project that will reveal his view of the world and his experiences. The film material are continuously being edited and uploaded on his blog one by one when they are finished.
During the production of the feature film “The Stockholm Leak” the blog will be updated on a weekly basis. You will see how a film is created from writing the script to post-production and release of the movie.